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In The Life Of A Thornbird

RRP $27.50

This book titled In the Life of a Thorn bird is a very emotional and personal look into the life, mind, and heart of the author as he deals with the many adversities, heartbreak, and weight of the choices that must be made in not only his life but those around him. And how those choices will affect his inner circle of his family the wife, the sons and the daughter short term and long term! Not to mention his family and friends as a whole on a broader spectrum including his enlaws on both sides of the Pacific Ocean. The metaphor used as the title speaks volumes about the book and everyday life, just as we have good and bad we must allow and accept death to come in order for life to thrive! In the case of the author, it has taken several traumatic events, but none as traumatic as the current one in which the author grapples with to this day! This traumatic event is the catalyst that has brought to surface the creativity from the author's inner soul to create this beautiful book of poetry. The Thorn bird only sings it's most beautiful song which is in fact it's unknown gift when it plunges itself on that perfect thorn! At that very instance is that little bird's purpose made known, other than that the Thorn bird does as any other bird would do on any given day. Build a nest lay eggs and wake early to catch that worm! Only the truly blessed are in ear shot to hear the beautifully sweet song, once the life has gone so too dose the opportunity to hear that precious song. It is never to be heard from again until God calls upon another Thorn bird to sing its own unique song! I say this to you the potential reader, you only live your life once the choices made in life come at you like being in the mist of a comet storm! There is no set number like the life of you and I. So with that having being said, weigh every choice as if it was the last choice of you life, just as you value and guard your precious metals and stones! When life or a person has done you wrong, what will you do? Will you reach for a knife or gun!!! Or will you find it in your heart to forgive and let live, what will be the final out come when what your choice was etched in stone! The author Shakeel Irshaad Mateen Haadee is showing you by his schematics in the form of poetry, how to put away the knife and gun and pick up a book, pen or note pad and become creative! Thank God (ALLAH) for blessing me with common sense and patients with limits boundless to me and the unknown gift brought about by that which hurts so much to be made known! If you are one who hurts deep beneath the surface of the skin, so much so that other cannot see it or you don't want them to know the pain you are in! Please pick up this book and read, until you set that pain free, but on the other side of the coin if you are one who just likes poetry by all means enjoy my creativity! My blue prints of positive navigation minus the violence of life, that is much too common, I share with the world for all to read! Shakeel Irshaad Mateen Haadee

About Birds

RRP $15.95

About Birds

This kid-friendly book offers a first thoughtful glimpse into the world of birds: from eggs to nests, from song to flight. In this delightful book, teacher and birder Cathryn Sill explains to children what birds are, what they do, and how they live. Accompanied by beautifully detailed illustrations from noted wildlife illustrator John Sill.Cathryn Sill, a graduate of Western Carolina University, was an elementary school teacher for thirty years. She lives in North Carolina. Cathryn Sill participates in the Authors in Schools program.John Sill holds a BS in wildlife biology from North Carolina State University. Combining his knowledge of wildlife and artistic skill, John has achieved an impressive reputation as a wildlife artist and received several awards. He lives in North Carolina. John Sill participates in the Authors in Schools program.

Name That Bird

RRP $19.95

Name That Bird is a simple approach to identifying different species of birds that we commonly see in our own backyards. Want to know who's gracing your backyard feeders but overwhelmed by the dozens of massive field guides out there? By exploring only the most common birds likely to be seen in North America's backyards, Name That Bird takes a simple approach to discovering who is frolicking in your birdbath and which species is scrambling after your cranberry seed mix. Filled with stunning four-color illustrations and silhouettes of more than 150 different birds-along with detailed descriptions of color, markings, behavior, habitat, size, and song-Name That Bird will help you quickly and easily identify that large brown tree climber, tufted blue fruit eater, or tiny yellow groundfeeder. In addition, this innovative guide is packed with advice on:

  • Plants and trees birds love
  • Nesting and migration patterns
  • Favorite foods for specific species
  • Distinctive behavioral patterns
  • The best habitats for attracting your favorite birds
  • And much more!
Once you know just who your friends are, you can start building the perfect backyard haven!

A Sheaf Of Songs

RRP $16.99

This is a collection of 50 poems, traditional, on a variety of subjects.

Our Hummingbird Friends Coloring Book

RRP $14.99

A coloring book that celebrates our hummingbird friends. It features 25 pages to color, with the back of the page left blank so it can be cut out and framed. There is a bonus feature with 2 pages of various hummingbird "poses" to color, then cut out and three pages of various backgrounds to make some unique hummingbirds pictures! Together, you might make your own artwork by making them into new compositions. Great fun for your family time and some quiet time alone. For all ages and skills. Features Broad-Tailed hummingbirds, Anna's hummingbirds, Ruby-Throated, and Calliope hummingbird types. They are visiting different birdhouses and finding various flowers: such as Rose of Sharon, Morning Glories, Summer Zinnias, Orange Trumpet vines, Wild Daisies, Bearded Iris and Russian Sunflowers. Lots of fun for everyone!


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